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Revd Dr David Heywood, Director of Pastoral Studies

David teaches mission and ministry, preaching, Christian education and theological reflection. He also co-ordinates the January and April themed studies weeks.  Before ordination, he taught history and RE in a large high school in Luton.  He has spent twenty years in parish ministry in places as diverse as Cheltenham, Croydon and Stoke-on-Trent.  He has a PhD in Christian education and has been involved in ministerial training in a part-time capacity throughout his ministry.  David is the author of three books: Divine Revelation and Human Learning (2004) in which he explores the way people learn and what this tells us about the knowledge of God; Reimagining Ministry (2011) exploring the way the Church’s new awareness of the importance of mission affects our approach to ministry; and Transforming Preaching (2013), an introduction to this important aspect of ministry.  David's wife Meg is ordained and is available for spiritual direction.


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