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Revd Dr Tim Naish, Dean of the Oxford Ministry Course, Missiology Lecturer

Tim grew up moving often between Scotland and England, with one parent from each country - when the chips are down, it's the former he supports on the rugby or football field.  After graduating he spent a year in the Church of South India, through CMS.  This was life-changing. Subsequently he worked in inner city Coventry and London, then was ordained and spent ten years in theological education with the Anglican Church in Africa (Zaire and Uganda), still with CMS.

Immediately prior to joining the staff in 2006, he was Rector of Hanborough and Freeland in Oxford Diocese.  His companion in the last thirty years of this journey has been his wife Hilary; they have three children in their twenties.  His primary area of teaching and research is the theology of mission.  Other passions include walking, poetry and collecting books and recorded music.  To keep a foot in a real missional context, Tim spends a morning a week as Anglican Chaplain at Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre.



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