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Cuddesdon School of Theology and Ministry (CSTM)

Welcome to the Cuddesdon School of Theology and Ministry. CSTM exists to offer an entry-level experience of theological study to individuals who wish to deepen their Christian discipleship, increase their knowledge of the Bible, church history and teaching and theology, or who might be exploring a sense of calling to ordained or licenced ministry. If any of those sound like you, then CSTM may be just what you’re looking for.

CSTM is a 3-year, rolling programme, which covers a range topics, all at an introductory level. The course is taught on five Thursday evenings and one Saturday study day in each term. CSTM students have the opportunity to study in the beautiful surroundings of the Oxfordshire countryside, and to engage with the life of Cuddesdon’s vibrant college community. Those who wish to do so can submit written work for assessment, with a view to earning the Cuddesdon Certificate in Theology & Ministry. Not all students do this, however – many choose simply to attend lectures for their own personal interest and development.

Whether for interest only, or to earn the Cuddesdon Certificate, CSTM offers an opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith, to ask questions and to develop one’s own skills for discipleship, all within a friendly, prayerful and supportive environment.

Jennifer Brown, Tutor for the Cuddesdon School of Theology & Ministry

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For further information and to make a booking, please contact the CSTM Administrator on 01865 874404 or cstm@rcc.ac.uk

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