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Full-time Context-based Pathway

Available from September 2018, this new training pathway combines the structure and community formation of residential training with the advantages of immersion in a local context as a key environment for ministerial formation. It is designed to be genuinely mixed-mode, enabling the community life of Cuddesdon as well as the parish life of the context, to shape formation for ministry. 

Some students will be placed in contexts close to home to minimise disruption to partners and families, others within daily commuting range of the College, while others will be accommodated within the College for the residential component each week. The advantage of sharing and comparing experience with colleagues training on other pathways, as well as from other contexts and – given the College’s commitment to engagement with the breadth of the Church of England – all ecclesial traditions, will make for a truly distinctive and rich formational experience.

In term time students will spend three days a week (Monday-Wednesday) within the College environment, and four days (including a day off) in context overseen by a supervisor who will be trained and supported in the role by College staff. Extended vacation placements will be taken in the context though the pattern will allow for complementary placements in other environments to develop experience of a range of ministerial settings.

In consultation with the diocese of Oxford and others, we have identified an interest in rural and new housing areas as potentially particularly fruitful environments in which to place context-based ordinands and Cuddesdon is geographically well placed in this respect.



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