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Some students will come to College having not undertaken formal study in higher education, or may need to refresh their study skills. Our teaching takes this into account. Each course is directed by a member of the academic teaching staff, who provides you with guidance and support. Our university links mean that we are equipped to offer additional help to those with special educational needs, such as dyslexia. As our students come from diverse backgrounds there are a variety of courses available. We discuss the most appropriate course for you when you visit.

To anticipate those conversations, the following will help. If you already have a theology degree then a graduate course through either Oxford or Durham is the likely route. If not, and you are over 30 years of age then a Durham undergraduate course is available; but if you are under 30 then a BA degree through either Oxford or Durham is available. The College has other university links for specialised Master and Doctoral programmes as well. 

Whichever course you take, you will be encouraged to integrate your academic study of theology with personal experience, life in community and commitment to the wider church and world. At Ripon College Cuddesdon the teaching staff seek to offer and to model a rich and rounded training that will both assist you in your formation while at College and prepare you for future ministry in public life.

Durham University Common Awards in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Oxford University Awards

For further information and details of Open Days, please contact Keith Glenny on 01865 877417 or admissions@rcc.ac.uk



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