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The relationship between Science and Faith

Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th July 2019

Today’s society tends to see science and religion as being at odds with one another - two different world views with competing and incompatible truth claims. But is that really how it is? Modern science was pioneered by people of faith, and down the ages the Church has been a promoter of, as well as at times wary about, scientific enquiry. We live in an age of unprecedented scientific and technological development, with change happening at an incredible pace. Understanding how Christianity and science have related to each other historically can help us answer some of the questions that science poses for us as Christians today: How do we share the Gospel is this scientific age? How can the Church engage with science? Should faith groups have say in the public discourse on the ethics of science and technology? This year’s Biblical and Theological Studies Summer School will look at some of the areas of debate within science and religion, both historical and contemporary, and explore how we might begin to answer these questions.


A range of speakers who are leaders in their field, including some drawn from the staff of Ripon College Cuddesdon, will  bring their expertise and insight on the subject. 

Residential fee (incl. meals, accommodation and excursions)    £550

Day rate                                                                                                 £45 per day

A reduced rate is available for clergy and people in ministerial training.


To book a fully residential place please click here: Book now

For day places and non-residential places please contact Gill, see details below.

For more information:

Gill Keeble-Childs   tel: +44 (0)1865 877479   email: gill.keeble@rcc.ac.uk



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