Summer School in Biblical and Theological Studies 2020

“The Earth is the Lord’s”: Caring for Creation, Honouring God

The opening words of Psalm 24 are well known: “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,” and yet, humanity has historically treated the earth as if it was ours and ours alone to do with as we pleased. Christians have, sadly, often taken our dominion over the earth and other creatures as permission for exploitation. Both the Bible and the Christian tradition offer us an alternative vision for humanity’s relationship to the rest of creation, one of care, responsibility, and mutual flourishing that shows us that caring for creation is an act of praise honouring to God.

Humanity is now having an unprecedented impact on the natural world. How we care for our world is becoming an evermore pressing question. This summer school will explore the themes of creation care found in scripture and tradition, and look at how a theology of creation care is being put into practice in different contexts.

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