ORDINARY THEOLOGY Study Days: Origen - The Pursuit of the Beautiful Word

The theme for this series is Early Egyptian Christianity, covering the following four key figures:

  • Saturday 7 Sept         Clement of Alexandria - Scripture, Knowledge & Apologetics
  • Saturday 12 Oct       Origen - The Pursuit of the Beautiful Word
  • Saturday 9 Nov          St Athanasius - The Achievements of the Incarnation
  • Saturday 30 Nov        St Cyril of Alexandria - The Unity of Christ 

For each day, we’ll use the life and work of each figure to explore some themes which were of crucial importance to them and the Church at the time, and which are especially timely for the Church today. No previous knowledge is required.

Origen - The Pursuit of the Beautiful Word

Origen (c. 185 - 254 AD) was an ascetic scholar, teacher, priest, apologist, theological trouble-shooter and prolific author. Arguably the most influential figure in the early Church between St Paul and St Augustine. So why have you heard little or nothing of him? Especially his beautiful and inspired interpretation of the Song of Songs.

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Cost: £40 (£25 for the unwaged and free admission for members of Religious Communities)