Foundation in Theology, Ministry and Mission

This is a stand-alone, two-year introduction to theological study that can be taken by independent students.

Teaching takes place in-person on Tuesday evenings during term-time at the Cuddesdon site, with the option to join in with the College's evening meal and worship.

Assignments are all coursework based, and theory and practice is closely linked.

Students can choose whether to attend purely for interest (audit) or for accreditation (60 credits) to achieve a Common Awards Foundation Award in Theology, Ministry and Mission validated by Durham University. This Award can then lead on to take the Certificate, the Diploma, or the Bachelor of Arts (BA), and it is also possible to transfer to an ordination track if appropriate.  


Two-year Audited course                £1,701   

Two-year Accredited course           £2,156


  • Elements of Ministry and Mission
  • Introduction to the Bible (2 teaching blocks)
  • Church History (2 teaching blocks)
  • Introduction to Spirituality and Discipleship


  • Introduction to Aspects of Pastoral Care
  • Brief Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  • Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • Further Old Testament or Leadership
  • Further Old Testament or Anglicanism
  • Further New Testament (Paul)



For any questions or to register for the Foundation in Theology and Ministry, please email to [email protected]