John Daniels

Associate Teaching Staff
John Daniels
Biblical Studies and Mission

John Daniels

Revd Prebendary Dr John Daniels has been teaching Biblical Studies and Mission at the Ludlow hub of Cuddesdon Gloucester and Hereford (CGH) and its predecessors since 2012. He has also taught on diocesan and regional ministry education courses in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Wales.

Ordained in 1992, John latterly served as Local Ministry Officer and Warden of Readers in Hereford Diocese. His background is in earth sciences, having gained a PhD in Physical Oceanography in the 1980s.

Following a brief period as a software engineer, he completed his ordination training with a Master’s degree in Religious Studies.

John’s academic interests over the years have been wide-ranging.  He has published articles on Christian-Hindu dialogue, theological methodology, and the ecological crisis in a variety of journals, including Modern Theology, New Blackfriars, Crucible and the Scottish Journal of Religious Studies. His main concern throughout his ministry has been to help ordinary Christians better understand various facets of the times we live in, and to think through what an authentic Christian response might look like.

Latterly his research has been focussed on the cultural impasse jointly constituted by resource depletion, the ecological crisis and the post-2008 economic stagnation. The William Temple Foundation has recently published two of his essays - 'Stories about Bodies: Complexity Theory, Energy and the Emergence of Ethics' and 'Doomed? Entropy, Ecology and Living with Integrity' - as parts of their Temple Tracts series.

John is an experienced communicator, having facilitated parish-level study groups throughout his years of ordained ministry alongside teaching at tertiary level.  He has also recently enrolled as a lecturer with the Montgomery Trust.

John lives in Ludlow with his wife Barbara.