Christian Rural and Environmental Studies (CRES)

CRES is an associate partner with Cuddesdon.

This two-year Certificate is an opportunity to study rural and environmental issues from a Christian viewpoint. This part-time modular course by distance learning will be of interest to those with a personal or professional concern for the environment and countryside, rural communities and churches.

Students choose from a range of modules which consist of The Living World; Farming and Food; Creation Care Integral Mission; Globalisation and Faith; The Physical Environment; The Biological Environment; Rural Communities; The Church in the Countryside; Theologies of the Relationship between Humanity, Nature and God; Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Stabilisation, Energy and Climate; An Introduction to Biodiversity; and An Introduction to Environmental Ethics. Each module represents about 40 hours of activity and study. Students are examined on Study Papers and Work Diaries, one each per Module, and a written project presented at a Residential Consultation, the topic being chosen in consultation with the tutor and senior tutors.

Course fees: The cost is £900 in total, which includes two residential weekends at Cuddesdon, payable in two annual instalments. Bursaries can be made available on application.

Further information can be found on the CRES website.