The Church of England Periodic External Review

Cuddesdon is delighted to receive a very positive report following the Review which took place last November. Quotes below are taken from the report, the full text of which is available at Ripon College Cuddesdon Periodic External Review Report

"The reviewers were impressed by [Cuddesdon's] formational intentionality and implementation of a curriculum designed to meet the church's ministerial training requirements." They "caught a strong sense of theological excitement and engagement with learning."

The Principal said 'I recognise Cuddesdon in this report, both as it is and what it aspires to be. I welcome the reviewers' observation that: "We saw high quality teaching and learning, and consider the seriousness with which [Cuddesdon] takes scholarship as something to be treasured and nurtured by the whole church" and their endorsement of our foregrounding of the breadth of Anglican tradition and our respect for difference'.

The report includes feedback from receiving dioceses and training incumbents that highlights “the quality of [Cuddesdon] curates… their enthusiasm and openness to continued learning… [and] good liturgical training.”

We were commended for our:

  • "...excellence of theological teaching, evidenced by the contextuality of modules, student enjoyment and engagement in learning, [and] models of reflective practice embedded in local placement and global contexts."
  • "...commitment to managing different training modes and enabling [our] students to realise the benefits of diversity." Elsewhere the report speaks of "...the 'healthy and positive environment' which values diversity”, attested to by students across all our pathways.
  • "...supportive, caring and positive sense of community established within and across all pathways" and specifically that the Cuddesdon “community caters well for families, spouses, partners and singles.”
  • " skills provision and learning support" and "assistance offered to those with learning, hearing and other disabilities", endorsement of which by students was described as “ringing”. Cuddesdon’s responsiveness to student feedback in this area was reported as “excellent”.
  • "...the implementation of [our] model of collaboration and integration of learning in community."
  • "...the variety of placements which provide multiple opportunities for students to grow in self-awareness and become formed through involvement with others and working in sometimes unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations."
  • "...safeguarding procedures and practices."

The positive tone of the report is well summarised by a quote in it from a current student: “Very happy to give an overwhelmingly positive review of the college… it’s been a really good training ground and spiritual home for me.”

Encouraged by all of this, the staff and governors are already engaging enthusiastically with those aspects of the report that identify areas for attention and development, especially in relation to strategic development, governance, communications and outreach

Oxford Diocese films new vocations video at Cuddesdon

We were delighted that Oxford Diocese chose Cuddesdon as the location for the filming of their latest vocations video. One of our Part-Time Pathway students, Madhuri Kulkani, was among a number of ordinands and incumbents interviewed.

We welcomed a good number of prospective students to our Open Day on Saturday, 3rd February, even despite the rail strike that day! Our next Open Day takes place on Saturday, 20th April, after which we will arrange individual visits for any candidates considering admission this September. 

All admissions enquiries can be made to:
[email protected] or 01865 874404. 

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