Ripon College Cuddesdon Open Day: 20th February 2021

This is for those exploring full-time, context-based or part-time training at Cuddesdon. It is an opportunity to hear from students and staff, learn about the range of training options and courses, and get a feel for the place to see if it's the right place for you to train. 

It is still to be decided if this event can be held in-person or online. If online, the programme will be:

   10:00am   Zoom session with Rebecca Dean, Tutor for Admissions (max. 45 minutes)

   11:00am   Zoom session with current students and spouses/partners (max. 45 minutes)

   12:00pm   Zoom session with Bishop Humphrey (max. 30 minutes)‘The F Word  - Formation at Cuddesdon’

   12:45pm   Short act of worship via Zoom (maximum 20 minutes)

Please click on Come to an Open Event to book your place.