Appointment of Tutor of New Testament and Independent Students

7th November 2019

We are delighted that Michael Dormandy has been appointed as our Tutor in New Testament and Programme Leader for Independent Students. Michael has studied Classics and later Theology at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. He has worked in secondary school teaching and church ministry. He loves to help people understand and love the New Testament, whatever stage on their journey. Michael said "I am delighted with my new job at Cuddesdon. I look forward to doing what I love in a community that is vibrant and active theologically, socially and liturgically."

Michael is married to Katherine and enjoys coffee, cake and any book or film with spies in it.

We look forward to welcoming Michael to his new post in January, and we will have him in our prayers as he prepares for the move.

Michael Dormandy
Michael Dormandy