Closure of the Portsmouth Pathway in July 2024

15th March 2023

In January, the Diocese of Portsmouth gave notice of its decision to withdraw from the partnership with Ripon College Cuddesdon and to close the Portsmouth Pathway. This will bring to an end the partnership between the Diocese and Ripon College Cuddesdon, through which Portsmouth’s ordinands and trainee Readers have been trained since 2015.

Since then we have been in discussion with the Diocese about arrangements to bring the Pathway to an orderly end, with a clear focus by both parties on minimising the impact on the academic programmes of existing students. Both parties have now agreed that the partnership will end after the 2023/24 academic year, in July 2024. All those currently studying as part of the Pathway will be able to complete their training in partnership with us by this date, or through alternative provision by us if their planned programme extends beyond July 2024. In conjunction with the Diocese, we will be speaking to all existing students individually to ensure that everyone’s training needs are being met during this time of transition.

All Portsmouth ordinands and trainee Readers beginning their training from September 2023 will do so under new arrangements.