Revd Dr Peniel Rajkumar appointed Associate Tutor

6th May 2021

With the acceptance of a new appointment as Global Theologian at USPG, Revd Dr Peniel Rajkumar will also serve on the staff at Cuddesdon as an Associate Tutor teaching courses on Missional Theology in a Global Context.

Peniel has a wealth of experience in facilitating ecumenical relationships as Programme Coordinator for Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation at the World Council of Churches. He has held teaching positions at the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey and the United Theological College in Bangalore, and has written extensively on Dalit theology, missiology and interfaith dialogue.

Revd Dr Rajkumar said, ‘It is so important for churches and theological institutions to have justice at the heart of their mission whilst also recognising the nuances of the post-colonial world we live in'.

Bishop Humphrey Southern, Principal of Cuddesdon, said, ‘It is with real joy and excitement that we welcome Peniel to his new role, and especially to his work with us. Students and the whole Cuddesdon community will be stimulated and challenged by his teaching and the heightened profile he will bring to world church, justice and inter-cultural mission issues within our curriculum and life more generally'.