Jessica Birch

I have felt so privileged to be living in Cuddesdon while my husband has trained as a residential student. The friendships and social life readily available have made for a relatively care-free existence, only challenged by my husband’s training commitments and the responsibility one inevitably feels for others when living so closely in community. I have treasured the beauty of the setting – the tranquillity of the college and village have allowed space to pause and be refreshed before embarking on the next stage. 

At first I was fortunate to experience life here free from responsibility, before having a baby, able to join in much of the prayer and worship life of the college, and returning from work to be given a delicious three-course meal with excellent company in the evenings! Having a baby whilst here has allowed me to become more involved in other aspects of college life, meeting with other parents and children for coffee, chat and prayer – and the ubiquitous cake – and getting huge support from them and all students at every step of the way. Even better than an NCT/Bumps to Babies group!

My daughter has thrived on life here, totally unphased by meeting new people, playing with children (and adults) of all ages, having first tastes of food in a full dining hall, and experiencing a great variety of worship and fellowship – all useful formational experiences for life as a clergy daughter!

I have been blessed to have 3 years in Cuddesdon and will be very sad to leave at the end, though ready too for what the future holds."