Part-Time Pathway Programmes and Courses

Students on the Ripon College Cuddesdon Part-Time Pathway usually take one of the programmes offered through Durham University Common Awards - Certificate, Diploma, BA or MA. Programmes can also be tailored to most people's personal circumstances and needs.

Depending on a student's prior qualifications and availability, Part-Time Pathway (Accelerated) students may be able to register for a University of Oxford MTh.

A wide range of modules are available under the Common Awards scheme. At Cuddesdon they are grouped, so as to provide a rich and rounded curriculum, into the following three areas: (1) Biblical Studies, (2) Doctrine, History, Liturgy and Ethics, and (3) Pastoral Studies. 

As with all Church of England training for Christian ministry and mission, admission onto one of these programmes will depend on prior qualifications (including the prior formal study of theology) and age at the start of training. It is possible to make a claim for Accredited Prior Learning (APL) on a case by case basis for undergraduate programmes. The credits gained in the successful completion of a Common Award programme will provide a foundation for further study as well.

Teaching and Learning

Programmes are delivered through a variety of teaching and learning methods (e.g. lectures, seminars, placements). These are supported by a student's own reading, and may also involve class discussions and activities to complete outside of class.

For learners with specific learning needs (e.g. dyslexia) and for those who are returning to full-time education following a long gap, support is available.

Sample Programme for Three Year Diploma/BA

Tues Eve Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Block 1 Mission and Ministry Christian Ethics NT Studies: General Epistles
Block 2 Introduction to the Bible: Pentateuch Pastoral Care Christology
Block 3 Early and Medieval Church History Introduction to Christian Doctrine Denominational Ministry and Mission
Block 4 Introduction to the Bible: Gospels OT Studies: Historical Books, Wisdom and Poetry Soteriology
Block 5

Spirituality and Discipleship: Character Formation

OT Studies: Prophets and Apocrypha Anglican History and Principles
Block 6 Reformation Church History NT Studies: Paul Turnings

Term Dates for 2021-22

Students should check with their programme director to confirm dates and details nearer the time due to shifts which are having to be made in response to COVID-19.

28 Sept Induction, workshops and presentations
5 Oct Tuesday evening teaching starts: Block 1
26 Oct Half-term - no teaching
9 Nov Tuesday evening teaching: Block 2
7 Dec Last Tuesday of term: Block 3 starts
11 Jan Tuesday evenings resumes: Workshops/Presentations
18 Jan Tuesday evening teaching resumes: Block 3 contd
8 Feb Tuesday evening teaching: Block 4
22 Feb Half-term - no teaching
15 Mar Tuesday evening teaching: Block 5
22 Mar Tuesday teaching ends: Workshops/Presentations
8-13 April Easter School
26 April Tuesday evening teaching resumes: Block 5 contd
17 May Tuesday evening teaching: Block 6
31 May Half-term - no teaching
7 Jun Tuesday evening teaching ends for leavers
21 Jun Tuesday evening teaching ends for continuing students


17-19 Sep Year 1 Induction
  Year 2 Listening in Public and Pastoral Ministry
  Year 3 Global Mission and Theologies
8-10 Oct Year 1 Christian Worship and Preaching
12-14 Nov Year 2 Spirituality and Discipleship: Spiritual Practices
  Year 3 Social Justice and Community Engagement
10-12 Dec Year 1 Developing Theological Reflection
  Year 2 Creation and Creativity
  Year 3 Marriage in Ministry and Mission
  Year 3 Marriage in Ministry and Mission
  CMS Yr1 Ordained Pioneering
4-6 Feb Year 1 Christian Worship and Preaching
4-6 Mar Year 2 Death, Dying and Bereavement
  Year 3 Biblical Interpretation
6-8 May Year 1 Christian Worship and Preaching
20-22 May Year 2 Mission and Evangelism
  Year 3 Preparation for Ministry
10-12 Jun All Elective Workshops - including leavers' events
Easter wk 8-13 Apr Year 1 Multi-faith Awareness
  Year 2 Sacramental Theology: Baptism & Eucharist
  Year 3 Mission and Ministry - Leadership