Summer School: Thursday 9th July at £15

10:00   Dr Dave Benson

Exercising Faith: From Consumer Church to Jesus Gym

The fuel for discipleship is the grace-filled meal. Yet what happens when consuming to live, slips into living to consume religious services? In this session, we deconstruct consumer church and the pastoral care contract, and swap it out for a routine of exercising faith. Gathering in the Jesus gym, we work-out the rhythms of grace, practicing the kingdom way to bless our neighbours when scattered. 

Dave is Director of Culture and Discipleship at The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. As a former high school teacher, pastor, organic church founder with his wife Nikki, and practical theologian at Malyon Theological College, Dave is passionate about pluralistic dialogue and the public expression of Christian faith in a post-Christendom context, toward the flourishing of all. Now based at the London Centre for Contemporary Christianity (

11:00   Jonny Baker

Consuming Worship through On-Line Media

Jonny is Director of Mission at Church Mission Society (CMS). He has worked for CMS since 2004 believing that cross cultural mission is a goldmine for ministry in our own contexts now. He is passionate about contextual and global mission and the particular edge he brings is the imaginative connection of the gospel to contemporary culture. He is a creative communicator. He particularly connects with pioneers, leaders who have the gift of not fitting in as they are called by God to new forms of mission and ministry often beyond the edges of the church. 

12:00   Revd Dr Jen Brown

Summary and Closing

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