Biblical Hebrew and Greek

We offer introductory year-long courses in biblical Hebrew and biblical Greek, the original languages of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Classes are held at Ripon College Cuddesdon, open to all and are not formally assessed. Simply, turn up! 

The introductory classes will both be held online via ZOOM Thursdays 5.30pm–6.30pm starting on Thursday 7 October 2021. You must choose between either Hebrew or Greek. There will be eight classes Michaelmas 2021 term (no class 28th October because of half-term), eight in Hilary Term (starting 20th January, no class on 24th Feb) and six classes in Trinity Term (starting 28th April, no class 2nd June).

No prior knowledge is required, and you don’t have to be “good at languages” to attend. The teaching style will be informal and encouraging. The best language learners are those who are prepared to try things out, even when that means getting something wrong. This means that classes will involve some student participation. Students should also be prepared to complete 15 to 30 minutes of work outside class each week – this will vary each week, by language, inevitably. We recommend you do your best to maintain attendance each week; there is no time to repeat any classes.

Biblical Hebrew

VIDEO – Invitation to Hebrew - YouTube

Information on the course tutor, Dr Hywel Clifford, including contact information can be found here.

Biblical Greek

The classes will offer a gentle introduction to the Greek of the New Testament. In addition to learning about Greek vocabulary and grammar, we will also explore the process of translation of the Bible and consider some of the challenges that can be found within this task. The first term will focus mostly on the basics of the language. In the spring and summer terms we will continue our learning through translation of set passages, beginning with the Prologue of John’s Gospel.

Information on the course tutor, Dr Rebecca Dean, including contact information can be found here.

More Biblical Greek!

Michael Dormandy offers “Light Greek 2”, a course that is aimed at people who’ve completed Becky’s introductory course last year (or who’ve done introductory Greek elsewhere) and a Greek Reading Class for yet more advanced students. These two courses will each be online at a mutually negotiated time. Please contact Michael ASAP if interested in either of these courses.

Information on the course tutor, Revd Dr Michael Dormandy, including contact information can be found here.

Registration and Fees

For an Michaelmas and Hilary Term (8 sessions each term) the fee is £160, and for Trinity Term (6 sessions) the fee is £120.

If you are interested in joining and would like further information on joining dates, please email Sophie at